Become a volunteer !

You too can change the world through your actions.

As a volunteer with Breath of Hope, how can you help?
  • Sorting items in our centre and sending parcels,
  • Finding sponsors for material, services or funding,
  • Using your car to transport items to or from our centre
  • Offering your services at bazaars or other activities
  • Taking part in campaigns and events
  • Distributing leaflets and information
  • Informing on shops or stores that could become collection points for donations
  • Suggesting places to hold events (bazaar, exhibitions, dances)
Become our eyes everywhere.

If you feel that solidarity is an activity that can change the lives of some of our fellowmen and if this really drives you, then try to bring something to the cause of improving their living conditions in Greece. Become our eyes and ears all over.
Make use of your strength, your desire and your love of life. Become one of us and we will stand by you and support your wish to make a difference. Become part of a nation-wide move to help the helpless. Feel the joy and satisfaction of understanding the pain and agony in someone`s eyes and of being the one who relieves it. The Greek Organization of Welfare and Equality -Breath of Hope- aims to help all our fellowmen all over the country with your contribution. Fill in the form
for volunteers all over the country and add a little stone to the pile to improve the
suffering in our country.

The constitution of Breath of Hope

Become a Volunteer
Form for application details

Statute Pnoielpidas 

Become a Volunteer

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