Who we are

Breath of Hope is a civic, non-profit organization active in charity work.

It was established in 2010 in the middle of the economic crisis, by a small group of people in an attempt to meet our fellow human beings` needs.

Since then the original team has been joined by many new friends, volunteers and sponsors.

Aims and objectives:

Breath of Hope aims to benefit the community and our objectives are philanthropic, humanistic, eco-friendly, cultural and educational.

  • Voluntary help
  • Social protection and solidarity
  • Employment
  • Co-operation and joint activities, wherever possible, with groups at home and abroad who have similar goals.

What we do:

When we hear of particular cases, after having first carefully checked and assessed their needs, we prepare and send dozens of parcels of basic necessities (clothing, food, school supplies, baby items, toys, household appliances) from our headquarter to destinations throughout Greece.

Every year we send more than 500 aid packages all over the country, the cost of transportation being covered by donations and the subscriptions of our members and volunteers.

Agencies we have worked with and offered help to:

  • 1st elementary special needs school of Thessaloniki
  • 1st Specialized Vocational Education and Training Laboratories, Pylaia Thessaloniki
  • 2nd elementary school of Thessaloniki
  • 2nd kindergarten- Trilofos, Thessaloniki
  • 3rd elementary school of Epanomi, Thessaloniki
  • 3rd elementary school of Triadi, Thessaloniki
  • 1st kindergarten of Triadi, Thessaloniki
  • 3rd kindergarten of Triadi, Thessaloniki
  • 29th kindergarten of Serres
  • Agricultural children’s` nest of North Greece
  • Solidarity for life, Thessaloniki
  • Arsis- Thessaloniki
  • Artos & Drasis (Bread & action) – Thessaloniki
  • Asylo tou paidiou- Thessaloniki
  • Aktida- autistic Centre – Thessaloniki
  • Lakia`s handicraft unit for the disabled- Thessaloniki
  • Argostoli municipality -Kefallonia
  • Municipal library of Thermi & Vasilika- Thessaloniki
  • Municipal welfare Acharnon- Athens
  • Refugee Organizations , Athens & Thessloniki
  • Dromokaitiio Psychological hospital- Athens
  • Specialized Vocational Education and Training Laboratories, Thermi Thessaloniki
  • Voluntary group IDEA- Athens
  • National institute elementary school for deaf -“St George”- Athens
  • Elementary school for deaf students , Panorama, Thessaloniki
  • Filiro Children`s village- Thessaloniki
  • Greek red cross- Thessaloniki department
  • “One child- one world”- Athens
  • Ladies union Drama, “Open house”
  • “Communicate & co-existence” , Drama
  • Zoodochos pigi- Athens
  • St. George`s church, Triadi, Thessaloniki
  • St. Markos Institute “The house of Mary”, Panorama, Thessaloniki
  • Pamakkaristos Institute – Nea Makri, Athens
  • Addiction center “Exelixis” . Athens
  • Women`s prison, Theba
  • Diavata prison, Thessaloniki
  • Larisa prison
  • Refuge of love & support , Athens
  • HIV support group “Kentro Zois”
  • “Promitheas” addiction help center, Thessaloniki
  • “Stin avli tou kosmou” , Youth center, Athens
  • “Oasis” , addiction help center
  • “Care center”  Refugee support, Thessaloniki
  • “Kivotos tou kosmou”, Father Antonios, Athens
  • “Skytali” , Athens
  • “Father Paisios”, help center, Trilofos, Thessaloniki
  • Municipal social services, Nikaia, Agiou Renti, Athens
  • Free medical center, Thermi, Thessaloniki
  • Free medical center, Lagkadas, Thessaloniki
  • “Agios Panteleimon” center for mentally disadvantaged people, Thessaloniki
  • “Stirizo”, Thermi grocery store, Thessaloniki
  • Diocese of Tavros, Athens, Grocery store
  • Municipality of Kalamaria, Grocery store, Thessaloniki
  • Lyrio institute for children, Athens
  • “Merimna zois”, Thessaloniki
  • Metropolitan free medical center, Elliniko, Athens
  • N.G.O. Apostoli, Athens
  • N.G.O. Metadrasi, Thessaloniki
  • N.G.O. Home Project, Athens
  • Kindergarten in Vrissa, Lesvos
  • Kindergarten in Melivoia, Xanthi
  • “SOS” Baby Hospital, Athens
  • “Hope Spot” Hospitality center, Thessaloniki
  • “Myrtia” Old peoples` home, Thermi Thessaloniki
  • “Edo eimaste oikogeneia” group, Greece
  • “Give the kids”, Athens
  • “One child, one dream, one library”, Athens
  • “krisi einai tha perasei”, Athens
  • Volunteer group “Arogi Thessalonikis”
  • Volunteers for culture group of Thermaikos municipality, Thessaloniki
  • Volunteer group “Prosferoume apo kardias”, Thessaloniki
  • “H.U.M.A.N.S” Thessaloniki
  • Unesco, Athens
  • Orphanage , Volos
  • Girls` orphanage in Lamia
  • Orphanage in Kefallonia
  • Children Village SOS, Athens & Thessaloniki
  • Greek society of friends of large families, Athens
  • “Agape gia ti zoi” prevention of road accident for children, Athens
  • Patmos church school
  • “Perasma sti zoi” , Athens
  • Harilaou local library, Thessaloniki
  • Civil protection in Thermaikos Municipality, Thessaloniki
  • “Polykoinoniko” Alexandroupoli
  • Greek Girls Guides, children with disabilities, Thessaloniki
  • “Serraies manoules”, Serres
  • Mother Teresa`s home for women, Thessaloniki
  • Salvation Army, Thessaloniki
  • “Lampsi”, parents group of children with neoplasmatic diseases
  • Paraplegic group, Pella

Our programme- Vision:

We envisage:

  • The creation of a dynamic volunteer movement,
  • The spread of social  solidarity and voluenterism, through the results of our work and the moral satisfaction achieved from volunteering.
  • The co-operation with even more groups and organizations so as to offer greater and more effective help to those in need
  • Helping to better relieve the results of social problems caused by the economic crisis.

Our methods are based on the principles of love for our fellowmen, social solidarity, joint ventures and voluntary work, as well as the promotion of generosity and social cohesion and viable development.


 As of now funding for our activities comes from:

  • The generosity of our volunteers
  • The donations of organizations and institutes
  • The sponsorship of private companies with a developed social conscience

 Why you should support Breath of Hope:


  • Our activities are voluntary and without self interest
  • It affects the society of which we are all members
  • By working together we can change the future
  • The small amount we each offer, adds up to a significant total
  •  We might sometimes, find ourselves in a similar situation as those who receive help from Breath of Hope today
  • The moral satisfaction of contributing is the chief reward for volunteering (other advantages included)

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