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Journalists Acting

 We have gladly reached 7 libraries in number! This time we went to the prefecture of Florina, in Variko, a village at an attitude of 770 m., surrounded by an evergreen landscape!

This is where we inaugurated the new library of our Network ‘Journalists Acting’ on Saturday January 30 in 18.00 in the site of the Primary School of Variko.

The library was created thanks to the valuable assistance of corporations, agencies, sponsors and private individuals in association with the municipality of Amyntaio, the local government community of Variko and the parents’ association of Variko.

One more library for children and teenagers was set up thanks to the charitable sponsorship of ΙΚΕΑ of the Fourlis group (Major Sponsor), who had undertaken the design, the furniture and the decoration of all libraries included in the project ‘Journalists Acting for children in boarder areas’.

The library was set up in two rooms of the primary school and it is expected to be used by 120 students – from primary up to senior high school education – from Variko and the surrounding villages. Variko, on the foothills of mount Mouriki, has approximately 700 permanent residents who are occupied in livestock and agriculture.


Aside from the Major Sponsor ΙΚΕΑ, the creation of the library in Metaxades was also supported by the following corporations and agencies:

- Pnoi Elpidas, Non-Governmental Organization

- Technical Chamber of Greece/Department of Central Macedonia (ΤΕΕ/ΤΚΜ), who donated a computer

-Publishing houses (in alphabetical order) Ianos, Minoas, Psychogios, Livanis, Kerkyra and Patakis

-ΑS Company (educational games)

-AMF Transfer Agency

-Interlife Insurance Agency

- Federation of Industries of Northern Greece

-Union of Journalists of Daily Newspapers of Macedonia and Thrace (ESIEM-TH)/ Educational Foundation

- Anatolia College and its students for the offer of books

- 1st Primary School of Pylaia – Thessaloniki

- Planet English School

- the Newspaper "Macedonia",

-the Lambrakis Journalist Organization

The following corporations and agencies (aside from the aforementioned ones) have also contributed to the Network’s previous libraries:

The union Desmos, the corporation Αlumil of the Milonas group (who replaced all the frames at Kouklioi free of charge), the publishing houses Diaplous, Kalendi, Kapon, Kedros, Kastaniotis, Livanis. Psychogios, Metaichmio, Okeanida, Dorling Kindersley (Penguin group), the Municipal Library of Thessaloniki, MLS Informatics S.A. (e-encyclopedia), the Association of Informatics Enterprises of Northern Greece, the French Institute of Thessaloniki and the corporate members of DOTSOFT S.A. and City College/University of Sheffield, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, the Association of Friends of the Book of Kozani and the parent associations of several schools.

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