Food for Good Festival 2016

The International Women's Οrganization of Greece (I.W.O.G.) and WOMEN OF THE 5 CONTINENTS, a joint initiative of volunteer women from 44 different countries of our planet who live in Thessaloniki organized on Sunday June 5 2016 the 19th Annual Traditional Food Festival.

This Festival, also known as the FOOD FOR GOOD FESTIVAL, which took place ,  in Aretsou’s Beach, in Kalamaria, has already been turned into an established event for our city. Thessaloniki’s residents have embraced it with love and each year hundreds of them attend it in order to have fun as well as contribute with their presence to its charity work. Since the beginning of the event, 19 years ago, the Festival managed to bring together people and cultures from different countries in a feast full of gastronomic and cultural tastes.

The variety of the food that invites you a taste, the colourful diversity of national clothing and of the kiosques with music and dancing bands that are included in the event set up a unique atmosphere for all visitors who arrive in knowledge that they will have a unique night!

We should also note that the profits of this event are always spent in the support of  unions and associations of our city. This year, the following agencies will be supported :

1. Society of Patients and Friends of Patients with Inherited Metabolic Disease ‘KRIKOS ZOIS’.

2. The Boarding House ‘CHRYSSALIDA’ of the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki

3. The HOUSE of LOVE  (Frere Gerard Montane)

PNOI ELPIDAS supports the festival by cooking at the PONTIANS’ STAND.

We sincerely thank our sponsors!

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